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Dove 8 and Huge Parts Lot Available.

Posted by Daniel Sherburn on March 3, 2015 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Devon 21 Syndicate based in Auckland, New Zealand has decided to cease operation and is liquidating it's aircraft and spares.

Items for sale include:

ZK-DHW 1963 S/N 04-533 (Ex G-ASMG) Mk8 DH Dove (engines and propellers were serviceable at time of grounding). Both wings have main spar corrosion and require significant work.

We also have several 40ft containers of miscellaneous spares:

Container 1: Mostly panels and used control surfaces, 1 new tailplane, 1 new aileron, new undercarriage legs, new and used fuel tanks.

Container 2: Mostly parts from DHW, but also misc panels, seats and other parts.

Container 3: Engine parts, new and used fuel tanks, unused recovered flaps.

Container 4: Misc. boxed (mostly N.O.S.) spares some Dove/Devon specific but also some general British hardware.

Also in our hangar- 5 engines in various states of repair/assembly, propellers, belly panels and control surfaces.

Price on application. Our preference is to sell in bulk, as is, where is. Aircraft and containers located at North Shore Airfield, Auckland, New Zealand. We will not be selling small parts individually.


[email protected]

N104DV ex VH-DHA For Sale

Posted by [email protected] on September 22, 2013 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (13)

Hi People,

Paul Gillies has N104DV ex VH-DHA up for sale, he has provided the details below.


De Havilland DH 104 Series 5/6 Dove


The Dove is a twin-engine, unpressurised cabin class aircraft with 380 hp supercharged piston engines, constant speed propellers and fully retractable undercarriage. The type first flew in September 1945 and was produced for 22 years.

This aircraft is serial number 04514 manufactured in 1961 one of the last built to series 5 standard. Initially used in the U.K for corporate work it came to Australia in 1970, was converted to a Series 6 and registered DHA for the Dept. of Health and operated in Darwin until replaced by the GAF Nomad in 1977. Since then it has been used for Charter and Freight. The aircraft has now been refurbished and returned to original passenger layout. It is IFR in the Private category.


Airframe total time: 10226 hrs

Engines: - (TBO 1600)

Port S/n 66525 with 1030 hrs to overhaul.

Starboard S/n 66814 with 290 hrs to overhaul.

Propellers: - (TBO 1600)

Port S/n A12794 has 1585 hrs to overhaul.

Starboard S/n A11140 has 995 hrs to overhaul.

Inspection Status

An annual inspection is required as per local country standards, FAA/CAA/CASA

Installed Equipment

King Silver series avionics.

Two Nav/Comm.’s KX155

Two ADF’s KR85/KR87

One Transponder KT72A


One Audio/Marker Panel KMA24

One HF Collins 200

One Garmin 100 VFR GPS

One ELT (C91a) Artex 110


A 52 Imp. Gallon, Long Range fuel tank. (not installed)

4 cabin seats. (5 installed)

A ‘porta-potty’ toilet.

Tinted cabin windows to reduce UV effect on the interior.

The aircraft is pre-wired for a compass /HSI system.


De Havilland DH 104 Series 5/6 Dove


Flight Planning info.


Max. Take-off Wt. 3991kgs Full main fuel 168gal/764L-542kgs

Max Landing Wt. 3930kgs With L/R tank 220gal/1027L-730kgs

Operating Wt. (inc pilot) 2730kgs Normal burn. 30gal/136L-hr

Max Payload 1261kgs


With full main fuel 719kgs

Approx 8 passengers and small baggage.

4 hours 45’ and 45’reserve. Range approx 700nm.

And Long Range fuel 531kgs

Approx 6 passengers and small baggage.

6 hours 30’ and 45’ reserve. Range approx 975nm.


I presently hold a time expired engine for rebuilding and various engine accessories.

I have a fresh main wheel and tyre, new nose tyre and various tooling. All these items should go with the aircraft. Price is negotiable.

Other spares are available in Australia, NZ and in the UK, surprisingly the USA has a fair amount of Dove and Heron parts. With nearly 550 Doves and 100 odd Herons produced parts are not too hard to source. The Dove is quite popular with the NZ’ers.

Please contact me at:-

[email protected]

Regards, Paul A Gillies


photo's can be viewed in our galleries at http://dh104preservation.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=15115547

Regards D.P.G